The organization will help participants to book their original accomodation. Further changes, if any, must be handled by the participant. Payments will be made directly to the hotels or to the company renting the apartments.
Participants should arrange for their accomodation as soon as possible after acceptance.

Book your accomodation here
When accepted, you can book your accomodations after June 2004
If you have any probelms please contact  


The city of Benasque offers many different types of accommodation at prices that range from medium to high. The choice goes from * to *** Hotels .

Depending of availability, the organization makes reservations in many different hotels. Some of them are listed here:

  • *** Hotel Ciria: 34-974 551612
  • *** Hotel San Anton: 34-974 551611
  • ** Hotel Araguells: 34-974 551619
  • ** Hotel Avenida: 34-974 55151
  • * Hotel El Puente: 34-974 551279/551211

Prices depend on the hotel, on the season and on demand. We list below an approximate range for single rooms, including breakfast:
  • * / **: 40-55 Euros/night
  • ***: 50-70 Euros/night
Once the organization makes a reservation on your behalf, you will get the precise information on the cost of your accomodation.


Apartments in Benasque are rented on a weekly basis through the realtor company Ballbenás. They vary from 1 to 3 bedroom (all rooms are prepared for two people) and are fully equipped including linen, towels, microwave, TV, etc. In general, participants find the quality of the apartments high. No pets are allowed.

  • 1 bedroom
    • 27 July - 24 August: 395 Euros/week
    • rest of the year: 317 Euros/week
  • 2 bedroom
    • 27 July - 24 August: 455 Euros/week
    • rest of the year: 367 Euros/week
  • 3 bedroom
    • 27 July - 24 August: 515 Euros/week
    • rest of the year: 415 Euros/week
Payments should be made in cash or using Traveler's checks (No Credit Cards are accepted).

To get your keys, proceed as follows. Upon arrival at Benasque, find the village Information Office. Next door, you will find the Casa de la Cultura which hosts the Secretariat of the Center in the second floor. There, participants will find all the relevant information on the Center and those renting an apartment can pick up their keys.

In case you are renting an apartment and you arrive late at night, you will find your keys at Hotel Ciria. You may also go right away to Apartamentos Ballbenás (on the right of the main road, 400 m passed the bridge, phone: 974 552081), which is the company managing all the apartments.